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I create social media magic and specialise in content creation, scheduling, design and communications.  I'm a Brummie and I love working with local independent businesses, arts organisations and LGBTQ+ businesses.

I can help you and your business with:

Creative content creation

Content scheduling


Asset design and editing


Website creation and amending existing ones

Social Media paid advertisements

This package is for those who would like some eyes looking over their platforms and marketing. We can tidy up your existing practices, look at extra avenues and I can teach you any bits you're not quite sure about.

This package works on the same basis as Package one and it's for you if there's areas you'd like to learn from scratch. This could be teaching some basic graphic design, building a website or if you'd simply like more time to go over your existing practices.

This package is for those who would like someone to run their socials completely or partially each month. How many days you'll need me is dependant on what you would like the outcome to be, so we can chat and discuss your needs versus your budget.

If you're interested, drop me an email and we chit chat!

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